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Today, at the end of 2017, it's been more than twenty years since I came into contact with photography. In fact, I took my first steps in the digital world of photography. Just like my own photography at that time, the new kind of digital photography was also in its infancy.

Through the intensive study of astronomy during a course in an evening school at that time, the study of matter photography became more and more intense. The evening school at that time had the purpose to enable me to change my occupation in the direction of "public school". This door in my life finally did not open for me.

While initially it was the curiosity and self-learning of the many technical possibilities of digital photography, the sharing of my own personal experiences in the world of photography is an essential and important aspect of my life now. For fourteen years, my personal photography has been enriched by the fact that I finally had the opportunity to pass on my learned and constantly new experiences around my world of photography through workshops to others.

In today's thoroughly technical world, which often strives and acts according to the maxim "more is more ...", I now regard it as a personal privilege to pursue a professional occupation characterized by personal commitment. For me, the most important ingredient for a successful photo is the person who uses technology to depict the world around him, and thereby make it an experience for others.

It is particularly appealing to me to get to know the most diverse people and their very personal understanding of their own photography. People and their very personal ways of approaching photography are just as diverse as humans can be. In my professional occupation with these people, however, I never understand myself as an omniscient photographer or even teacher, but rather as a companion and a simple teacher. By engaging with these people and their photographic lives, I try in my workshops to promote their enthusiasm for seeing, discovering and photography, to further develop it or just to wake it up.

My personal photographic journey began in the so-called nature photography and for several years I lived photographically with its constraints and dogmas in this area. Today I see myself more as a person whose photographic studio is largely nature and although I no longer want to call myself a wildlife photographer, I still find my greatest inspiration for my own photographic work in the field of nature. Over the years, I have moved away from the documentation to the very personal interpretation of a scene. Reflecting on my thoughts and feelings in my own pictures now plays a much more important role than simply reproducing what I have just seen.

Every day creates a never-ending stream of countless digital recordings. 99.9% of these images disappear into the digital mire after a brief flash in the digital world. Therefore, for me, the print, the photography on paper has become so enormously important. In contrast to digital photography, a photography on paper really exists. For me, photography on paper is the end result of a process that begins with the discovery, the seeing and the technical act of photography, and finally, through the print as a photography, it really exists in the end.

At the moment, my photographs began their lives still digital. This means a photograph begins its development in digital form, then this raw material is developed via a digital development that suits me, to a digital representation of my thoughts and feelings. At the end it become a real existing photography on paper as FineArt Print. From the recorded image to the final print, each step is carried out by myself. All my
currently available prints are limited to 26 pieces.

Well, since you have learned something about me, I would be pleased if we met sometimes in the future. Be it that you find something suitable for yourself in my
workshop offer or find a print out of my photographs that you would like to own. You may also like to visit this website from time to time, and may find some inspiring thoughts or photographs that will encourage you to do your own personal photographic path. The simple way of staying in contact by my newsletter is of course also open to you.

In any case, I look forward to hearing from you ....

Herbert Koeppel, December 2017

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